Does True Love Exist? How To Find The Perfect Partner

Today, finding true love sounds like an unreachable dream. Maybe you’ve had bad experiences in the past and those memories make you think you’ll never meet your prince charming. Sometimes you think about what the perfect partner would be like and you think about the good qualities each of your previous partners had. What if I could find someone with Pablo’s personality, or Wilmer’s physique or charming and attentive like Fernando was. You imagine that your true love would be a combination of the three. Finding true love is such a difficult challenge for many that it can literally make you sick. Richard Schwartz, associate professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School (HMS) says “it’s never been proven that love makes you physically sick, though it does raise levels of cortisol, a stress hormone that has been shown to suppress immune function.”

Human beings have the innate need to live with other people; to be in a relationship and be part of a family. From an early age, we feel affection for our classmates and during adolescence, we begin to think about what our perfect partner would be like. I remember when I was 15 years old, I dreamt of meeting a tall man with blond hair and blue eyes. When I became an adult, I realized that my attraction was more towards people who looked like me, of mixed or mulatto skin. Over the years, I have come to realize that a good relationship can not only be based on physical attraction, but also compatibility. It’s useless to be with someone who looks good physically if can’t have an interesting conversation with that person or you don’t have the same interests.

According to a study conducted by Siemens Festival Nights found that “as many as 73 percent of people surveyed say they are “making do” in their relationship because their true love got away.”

Now, some of the questions that many of us ask ourselves are, why haven’t my previous relationships worked? Or why haven’t I found the perfect person for me? The reality is that the perfect person does not exist. The reality is that all human beings have flaws and if you seek perfection in a relationship, you will never find it. True love is not based on an idea of ​​the person you have imagined in your head.

Reflecting on the past and every relationship we had is a good way of deciding what is best for you. Maybe you went through a divorce and wonder why your ex mistreated you. The truth is that a divorce or a bad relationship can help you think about what you want to find in a partner. It’s important to reflect on what you could have done better in your previous relationship. You must accept that relationships do not fail because of one person, since it takes two to be in a relationship. It’s also important to forgive your previous partner in order to have spiritual peace and move one.

True love or the perfect partner is the person with whom you can talk for hours and not get tired. The one who has the same interests and goals as you do. And, above all, the person who respects you and only has eyes for you. You will never find the perfect partner because human perfection doesn’t exist. However, if you can find compatibility, over time, the relationship improves, and true love will flourish.

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