Can I create a Perfect Resume?

The perfect resume exists, and is the one that opens the doors of a company by catching the eyes of recruiters. What does not exist, however, is a single model or template for the perfect resume. Companies that are looking to fill a vacancy, are paying attention to resumes that match the experience, skills and achievement of the ideal candidate. Each company needs professionals with specific knowledge and skills for the job, so to write the perfect resume, you would need to develop one to match the position you are interested in.

How to develop a perfect resume

You may have a single resume that you use for every job application. However, the best solution when applying for a job, is to prepare several resumes to match to different positions you may be applying for. For instance, you may be looking for an office management position and you are applying for a job at a private school, nonprofit organization, marketing company, etc. In this case, you need to develop a resume where your experience and skills match the field you apply for. When applying at a school or nonprofit, you may want to highlight that you were a girl/boy scout or your volunteer experience. When applying at a marketing company, you may want to write about a specific project you worked on in your past which can benefit the company.

How to communicate through a piece of paper

Your resume has to communicate a lot in a brief and concise manner, and should do so in a way that is as attractive as possible to get the attention of recruiters. According to a study published by The Ladders, recruiters responsible for the selection of candidates, spend an average of 7.4 seconds reviewing each RESUME (Click Here). In that short period of time, they decide if your profile is or is not in line with what they are looking for. And it is very common that certain candidates, totally suitable for the job remain outside of the recruitment process because they have not been able to communicate what they can offer.

Hiring a resume writer is the best way to go, because they have the expertise to help you achieve your employment goals. A resume writing services company will assist you with a job search plan, which will help you develop a perfect resume and, with it, communicate to the employer why you are the ideal candidate for the job.

A perfect resume will highlight that you have the experience, knowledge, skills and achievements needed for the job. The chances of success will be greater if you make clear that your past experience will be helpful to this job and how you are the ideal candidate for the position.

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