How to enjoy your job: Tips for Career Success

Job dissatisfaction and low employee morale is determined many times by poor relationship with managers and colleagues, an environment with no room to grow, disappointment for not getting a raise, and even, by bringing problems from home to work and vice versa. These challenges make it more difficult for you to enjoy your job and to improve your career development.

According to Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace: 2021 Report, “employee engagement decreased globally by two percentage points, from 22% in 2019 to 20% in 2020.”

Companies must be able to develop good practices and policies that promote a friendly and pleasant work environment; however, we each have our share of responsibility for helping to create a good work environment and improve relations, which will help you feel better and increase your own productivity.

Here are ten practical tips to help you enjoy your job:

1. Take a few minutes in the morning, before you start working on your tasks, and dedicate it to yourself, which will allow you to start the day with a clear mind and a smile.

2. Each day go to work with the idea in your mind that you can do something new, something creative that can be very useful for the company.

3. Self-motivate. You can decrease your workload if you develop good working relations with your colleagues and contribute to a good environment.

4. Work at an average pace. Try to work at a pace that will work for you. During slow days, figure out things you can do to help your space (i.e. organize and clean your desk, review and organize your calendar, plan future projects)

5. Take a short break before you start a new task. Your mind needs a moment to prepare between each activity.

6. Be aware of what you are doing and its purpose. Focus, and don’t waste your time on negative or irrelevant thoughts that may make you lose your concentration.

7. Complete the most important task first. Don’t waste energy with projects that are not as important; maximizes your performance by performing the most important tasks first.

8. Forget work sometimes. Look forward to enjoying your breaks during the day, as well as your time after work (evening and weekends). Try to find some relaxation technique that you can put into practice. Thinking about work constantly will only increase your level of stress.

9. When you feel that you cannot control your bad mood, try not to take it on a co-worker. Doing this will only cause problems at work and jeopardize your good relations with others.  

10. Set weekly goals: they must be personal, so can keep yourself motivated and useful. The ideal is to reward yourself once you have accomplish your goals.

These days, many companies have adopted motivating practices in their labor policies, which have yield excellent results, improving the work environment and significantly increasing individual and collective productivity. Therefore, get the best out of your job, identify things that stimulate your interest, things that you love and bring something positive to your life, which will allow you to grow as a person and as a professional. Be brave and enjoy your job!

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