How can I prepare a professional resume…

Have you even wondered…How can I prepare a professional resume and cover letter?

How can I develop my job sites profiles (LinkedIn, Indeed, Monster, Glassdoor)

Why aren’t you getting a phone call for a second interview?

Are you adequately using the social networks for job search?

Should you follow up on a job application?

Why the results of your job interviews are not what you expected?

At New York Single Mom, we have professionals in the area of Human Resources who will offer you assistance in preparing a professional resume:

Individualize career counseling sessions

Provided by a specialist in the area of human resources who will accompany you during your job search and help you obtain positive results. Our career counselors will help you visualize different alternatives that you have not seen, which will make your job search more efficient. We will work together on a professional resume that will get you many phone calls from employers.

Tips and recommendations for job interviews

You will receive important tips for your job interviews, which will assist you in giving a good first impression. You will learn how to break the ice, how to interpret questions that may come up, how to ask relevant questions to the interviewer, the importance of using appropriate body language and tone of voice, and how to convey the right message.

Valuable advice to improve the content of your professional resume

We will give you important recommendations to modify the content of your professional resume and to develop a powerful tool to sell your personal brand to the employer, using clear and objective information, highlighting your experience and achievements.

Redefining your search profile

We will help you to define or redefine your job search, based on what you are looking for. We will help you improve the use of social networks to develop alternate channels for your job search.

We guarantee you…

The professionalism, experience and reliability of our consultants.

Best results in your job interviews

A high impact professional resume

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