Writing a Resume Without Work Experience

One of the big questions considered by a recent graduate or a person who has never had a job and want to enter the job market, is… How can I begin writing a resume when I don’t have any work experience? The answer lies in not making things up and knowing how to promote yourself.

Entering the job market for the first time is difficult, but not impossible. It all depends on how you are able to present your skills. There are many ways to capture other skills when writing a resume for the first time.

In order to help people who are looking for their first job, we have prepared a few ideas to help you when writing a resume:

How to write an eye-catching resume?

Job profiling is the summary of a resume and definitively if there is no work information to write, the goal is to highlight your skills. A person who has no work experience should be writing a resume that is one page in length, specifying the following:

– Personal information.

– Education (highest level of education completed).

– Describe what you want to do for the company, and your vision and goals for the future.

– Computer and language skills, and certifications.

– Volunteer experience

– Memberships (clubs, sororities)

– Internships

Besides writing a resume, a person who has no work experience can do a few other things to increase their chances of entering the job market:

Focus on two or three sectors which interest you, and begin to contact some of the companies in these sectors.

Prepare a cover letter

Evaluate the history of the companies which interest you, their mission and values. Describe in the cover letter how you can identify with their mission and values and how you can contribute to their organization.

A person who doesn’t have much work experience has to demonstrate to the hiring managers that they know everything about the company and that they are not there simply because they need a job.

Positive thinking

There are many companies out there that prefer to work with entry level employees, because they come without negative work habits. Many managers prefer to train someone from an entry level position and help them grow within the organization.

Prepare for the interview

Hiring managers want to know who you are as a person, because they want to know if you are a team player with a good personality. Talk about things you did in high school or college as part of a team and highlight those skills. Talk about what you accomplished as a team.

Teamwork is crucial to achieve performance goals and hiring managers want to know if you are someone who can be part of a team.

Send a thank you note

After the interview, make sure you ask the hiring manager for their business card and send a quick thank you note. You can write a few things you may have forgotten to mention during the interview and once again highlight what you can bring to the table.   

Use the internet!

There are many free websites where you can build a profile. Websites like LinkedIn, CareerBuilder, Indeed and many others, allow you to create a free profile and easily apply for jobs in less than one minute.

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