What Not to Do During a Job Interview

First impressions are of very important and for that reason, during a job interview, making a good first impression should be your priority. Many business owners think that after seeing a candidate enter the room, observe the way they shake hands and sit down, they are able to decide if the person is the right candidate.

During a job interview, each person has their style, their strategies and methods to best convey information about themselves. There is no written manual to guide each person to achieve the perfect interview. However, we are giving you a list of things you should avoid at all cost if you don’t want to ruin your opportunity to get the job.

This is what you should never do in a job interview:

Arriving late

You have not even started working for the company and you are already revealing a negative image about yourself. As a general rule, it is recommended that you arrive about 5 or 10 minutes before the time scheduled for the interview.

Wearing inappropriate/casual clothing

Your personal appearance tells a lot about your personality, so when you go for a job interview, keep in mind that you are to dress as someone who will be representing the company in the future. It is not necessary to wear a suit, this depends on each company, but you should always look professional.

Causing interruptions

Whenever you go to a job interview, make sure you have turned off your cellphone, because it could start ringing during the interview, causing an uncomfortable situation.

Appearing nervous, anxious or stressed out

Your body language is also very important for the interviewer, so avoid any gesture that denote your mood, especially if it is negative, for instance nail-biting, moving the chair, crossing your legs, tapping your pen…

Looking at the time

Looking constantly at your watch gives the impression that you may feel anxious or that you have more important things to do. Relax and pay attention to the interviewer.

Focusing on the monetary compensation

The job interview is not the right time to negotiate salary or wages. Too much focus on the monetary aspect cause a bad image in the eyes of the interviewer and can be counterproductive. If asked how much money you expect to make, you can simply say that you are open to negotiate a fair salary.

You can also share that you would like to have a better understanding of your job responsibilities and how well you meet the organization’s needs before deciding on a fair salary.

Here are a few websites where you can find average pay depending on the job description: Salary.com, Glassdoor, ZipRecruiter

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