Get promoted at work: how to move up the organization ladder

It is not a mission impossible to climb the ladder, nor does it need to be a great climber to get promoted at work. It is also true that in this economy many companies are not offering raises or promotions, but if you trust yourself, you may get promoted faster.

Any company always needs people with talent and experience like you. Perhaps for many companies, things are not the same as five years ago, but you need to be aware that the economy will improve, and that in a couple of years we will be in the situation to negotiate better conditions.

You also need to be aware that some of your co-workers may also want to climb the ladder, therefore it is important to highlight your strengths and prove to your manager that you are simply the best.

Here is how!


It is only a word, but this word involves many things. Being a leader means many things. As a leader, you must know how to manage people (valuing them, motivate them and get the best out of them), you must be able to communicate your ideas and listen to others, you must be well informed about the company and the competition, you have to know how to handle the changes and inspire enthusiasm.


Working with people and ensuring that every one of them will be toward the same objective, is a very difficult task. But that is the key of being able to work in a team: to cooperate with the other to get to meet a common goal.


It is very good that you have one or several skills. However, don’t forget that society evolves, and also new technologies and if you’re not up to date with these changes, you will not get that promotion you want. Continue to train yourself and attain more knowledge and skills. Be up to date in everything related to your work and you will be able to prove that you are a person who is absolutely prepared to take on a new role.


You must prove that you are not a person only operational. Creates value: bring your ideas to the table and present them to the team. Looking for opportunities to prove that you can bring innovation to your department/company and display your results. It is always important to be humble, but if your supervisors do not see what you have been able to accomplish, you’ll be always in the shadows and never get promoted.

Sell yourself

It’s important to develop socialization skills. For this to work, you must be friendly with your peers, supervisors and subordinates if you want to get promoted. Develop good relations with the people you work with and try to meet people from other departments. This will make the people around you notice your work. Using LinkedIn is a good way to promote your personal brand within your organization.

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