Use Social Media in the Job Market

Why use social media when looking for a job? The number of recruiters who rely on the social media to learn about potential employees is increasing. Using social media in the job market is now a good way to promote yourself.

You may want to focus your attention on developing a personal and professional image on social media to capture the attention of employers. Many companies prefer employees with knowledge of social media and blogs, so in the future, they become ambassadors of the company.

Keep in mind the following when using social media in the job market:

Keep your personal life private

Your personal life can add or subtract – Be mindful of the language and pictures you share on social media. Always picture yourself in a room full of potential employers before posting anything online.

Negative or hateful comments posted online can damage your reputation forever. Social media posts are shared quickly by others and any damaging comments could make you lose a current or potential job. Always be professional and think before you post.

Quality vs Quantity

Build a network of contacts that provide value to your profile. Your personal brand is everything – Consider your profile as a brand, and it will help you have a broader awareness of your skills and to define goals.

Finding a job using social media requires hard work, consistency, perseverance and patience. Maintaining a positive attitude and visualizing your goals, will help you control, overcome, and redirect your thoughts.

Build your empire

You can promote your brand 100% free. Many celebrities use social media to promote their brand and get paid in the process. Many employers look at their potential employees social media accounts to learn more about a candidate. That’s why it’s important to keep your social media accounts private, if you don’t want your personal choices to damage your online reputation.

If you choose to make your social media accounts public, using Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and/or LinkedIn, website will allow you organize your contacts and give you more exposure in the job market.

Interact and conquer

Retweeting, replying to, recommending and commenting on social media will work to increase your visibility, generate curiosity towards your profile and encourage potential collaborations. Having a social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and/or Instagram is an effective way of promoting yourself at no cost.

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